Project 10

In my Facebook group, we started a monthly challenge called Project 10. We choose a theme each month, and then plan how we want to represent that theme and pick our top 10 favorites.

Growing up in the desert meant that I didn't get to experience the quintessential "fall" portrayed in the movies. Then I moved to Flagstaff to go to college and my experience with fall changed drastically. I'm back living in the desert, but thankfully we are still able to visit Flagstaff often. We finally took the boys up the mountain early in October to experience the breathtaking foliage. We even took them to one of the first spots on the mountain that TJ took me when we were dating. It was so fun to experience the beautiful aspen with them and see them marvel at the golden leaves falling in the breeze.

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  1. So great! I really like the one of them holding hands. Also your hair is so long, and pretty with the color/highlights!


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