I'm Kylie.

I'm not a very organized person. I like lists, but that is because if something is not written down, it will not get done. I've always been perplexed by my personality, but someone recently told me I'm an ambivert (fairly equally extroverted and introverted) and it felt like home. I may not feel totally comfortable in a room full of people, but I'm not afraid to have a conversation with you one on one. I'm naturally very observant, and I frequently predict plot twists in storylines. I am also very empathetic, and I pick up on emotions well. All of these, I bring to my photography.
Like my favorite quilt made by my grandmother, I try to find that feeling of familiarity--home in my photographs. I see the world as a place full of beauty, but that beauty is found in the imperfect, the everyday. I use my photography to remember that even if things are hard, even when my children are challenging, and even when life feels bleak, there is hope and there is beauty and it's because of these things, not necessarily in spite of them. I take great care not to portray a perfect life, but a good and beautiful and dynamic one.

So no, I won't put my camera down when your kid starts coloring on the wall or throwing a tantrum because you looked at them the wrong way (two-year-olds, amiright?). I won't shy away from your crazy, and I won't bat an eye when your kindergartner starts telling me the family secrets. I will capture your love. I will tell your story. I will treat you like my best friend, because it's truly an honor to do what I do.

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