this is not a project 365, part 3.

The boys love these tiles, but Jake gets frustrated when something doesn't go the way he wants it to. 

The flags were out for MLK Day. In the late afternoon, the light around the flag seemed to be saying, "There may be some hope yet for this country."

I didn't realize how important his daily TV time was to him until he called it his "me-time." I get that, even if I do wish it were a different activity.

I took Jake on a little date to Chic-Fil-A after preschool. Just the two of us. I entertained myself while he played in the play area.

I'm forever jealous of his eyelashes and forever wanting to kiss that sweet face.

A portrait of Grandpa's 91-year-old hands, and his current reading material.
Major got into Jake's paints when no one was watching.

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